What is Prediabetes?

Prediabetes is a term used for individuals with impaired fasting glucose (IFG) or impaired glucose tolerance (IGT). IGF and IGT are associated with obesity (particularly belly fat abdominal or visceral obesity). Your body uses glucose as its primary source of energy. Insulin –  the hormone produced by the pancreas – is responsible for taking sugar from your blood to your cells to use for energy. In someone who has prediabetes, this mechanism of sugar utilization is not working properly; sugar in the blood stays elevated, but not high enough to have full blown diabetes.

Fasting Glucose Ranges in mg/dl
Normal Less than 100 mg/dl
Prediabetes 100-126 mg/dl
Diabetes Greater than 126 mg/dl
OGTT: 2-hour Blood Results after a 75g Glucose Load in mg/dL
Normal Less than 140 mg/dL
Prediabetes 140-199 mg/dL
Diabetes Greater than 200 mg/dL

A person can fall into the prediabetes range by having an elevated Hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1c). The HgbA1c is a three month average of the blood sugars

Results of HgbA1c Test
Normal Less than 5.7%
Prediabetes 5.7-6.4%
Diabetes Greater than or equal to 6.5%