The first Diabetes Seminar in Camarillo Area

Luz, a 65 year old woman, came with her 63 year old husband Bob to my new Lantana Pharmacy . She told me she has been diabetic for 13 years and her husband who was unaware he is a diabetic type 2. Bob’s urine glucose test were positive as Luz brought a daily log diary. The blood glucose test records were very high above the normal diabetes control levels.

She recently began taking Amaryl 4 mg at bedtime and Janumet in the morning. No Insulin injections yet. No special diet plan used and neither any regular exercise. Luz was afraid that her doctor will ask her to start Insulin injection .

Many diabetes patients and newly diagnosed patients do not know what the causes of diabetes are and therefore they do not know what they should do and what they should not do in their lifestyle. Diabetes has no cure but it is a controllable disease in their lifetime. Therefore knowledge of diabetes is very important to them to control it.

For two hours I explained Diabetes, this included but was not limited to food metabolism, Insulin hormone function, glucagon hormone’s reaction, adrenalin hormone and cortisone hormone response regarding a high or low glucose blood concentration. Among the very many medications, each individual medication’s function and how to use the prescribed medications and explain three essential nutrients and each nutrient’s character and calorie calculation method, etc. I also teach proper blood glucose monitoring skills and that the importance of a1c7, exercise plans and sleep patterns are also critical to maintaining diabetes.

Luz and Bob gave me a lot of information because I told them it was important for their diabetes caregiver to know as much as possible. They were so appreciative for the crucial free information and they promised me that they will perform what they learned from me and will find seven other diabetes patience and teach them the things they learned from me. And we will meet again in one month to check their improvement of their diabetes.

They were happy to meet me and I was also so happy to share my knowledge with them. (6/10/2015)

Jay Shin, R. Ph., Lantana Pharmacy