Pre-test of Diabetes

Pre-Test (How much do you know about Diabetes?)

  1. What is Diabetes?
    1. Presence of glucose in the body
    2. Presence of glucose in urine
    3. Presence of glucose in blood
  2. What causes Diabetes?
    1. Comes only their parent are diabetes
    2. Comes with genetic, obesity, lack of exercise, meals, stress etc
    3. Comes only people with obesity
  3. What does insulin do?
    1. Increases glucose level
    2. Presence of glucose in urine
    3. Presence of glucose in blood
  4. What is the blood glucose level for Diabetes?
    1. Always over 200mg/dL
    2. Can be varies between 100-300mg/dL
    3. Always under 200mg/dL
  5. How do you diagnose Diabetes?
    1. Blood glucose level under 100mg/dL before breakfast
    2. Presence of glucose in urine test
    3. Everyone has diabetes once you get old
  6. When Diabetes complication comes?
    1. Good glycemic control guarantees no diabetes complication
    2. Every Diabetes patients has diabetes complications various degree eventually
    3. If there is no symptom, there is no diabetes complication even with poor glycemic control
  7. What should you do when your blood glucose is too high?
    1. Take medication and see the doctor
    2. Find a cause of high blood glucose level
    3. Do nothing
  8. What should you do when your blood glucose is too low?
    1. Drink water and rest
    2. Drink orange juice and get ready for meal
    3. Take diabetic medication
  9. What is Diet therapy?
    1. Avoid salty and fatty foods only
    2. Eat balanced meal
    3. Eat less
  10. How often should you test blood glucose?
    1. Everyday
    2. Sometimes based on result of urine test or blood glucose test
    3. If you are feeling okay, you do not need to test whole year
  11. What is Drug therapy?
    1. One medication is enough
    2. Reduce or increase the strength of medication depends on blood glucose test
    3. Insulin Injection is better
  12. What is Ketone?
    1. Hormone that secreted in the body
    2. Byproduct when fat breakdown into sugar during severe low sugar level episode
    3. Only know through blood test
  13. What is foot care in Diabetes?
    1. You do not need to worry about foot care unless you have symptom
    2. Examine by yourself everyday
    3. See the doctor once every month
  14. What is Glucagon hormone do?
    1. Decrease glucose in blood
    2. Increase glucose in blood
    3. Both a and b
  15. What is Glucagon injection?
    1. There is no injection. Only our body has glucagon
    2. Increase glucose level during low sugar level episode
    3. There is only injection and our body does not have glucagon
  16. Glucose in our body can be compared to what part of auto mobile?
    1. Engine Oil
    2. Gas(fuel)
    3. Water in Radiator
  17. What happen to body weight if you eat a lot when your insulin are normal?
    1. No change
    2. Increase
    3. Decrease
  18. Where do insulin and glucagon come from?
    1. Muscle
    2. Pancreas
    3. Liver
  19. Why poorly controlled Diabetes cause high blood pressure?
    1. Glucose exit the body more frequently
    2. Stimulate adrenal hormone when glucose level severely up and down
    3. Because of dry mouth
  20. What is Hemoglobin A1C test?
    1. Anemia Test
    2. Average plasma glucose concentration over 3 months
    3. Kidney function Test
  21. What is menu exchange method in meal plan?
    1. Swap menus between breakfast and lunch
    2. Eat different foods within same food group but same calories
    3. Eat different countries foods.
  22. What should you do when you inject too much insulin?
    1. Inject fewer doses next day
    2. Eat more than usual
    3. Eat less than usual
  23. What happen if blood cholesterol is too high?
    1. Causes stomach ulcers
    2. Causes cardiovascular diseases
    3. Causes constipation
  24. When should you test blood glucose to adjust the morning for NPH insulin dose?
    1. Before breakfast
    2. 4 p.m.
    3. Before dinner
  25. When do you use control solution for glucometer?
    1. To clean glucometer
    2. To check whether test strip is still valid
    3. To stop the bleeding
  26. Which one of these are the one of three major nutrients?
    1. Sugar
    2. Carbohydrates
    3. Sodium
  27. What increases blood glucose the most?
    1. Nutrients
    2. Calories
    3. Fat
  28. What increases the weight the most?
    1. Low calorie foods
    2. High calorie foods
    3. Lean meat
  29. What decreases blood glucose level?
    1. Sugar
    2. Alcoholic beverages
    3. Carbohydrates
  30. Why cigarette smoking is bad for Diabetes?
    1. Causes lung cancer
    2. Damages blood vessels and nerves
    3. Causes cirrhosis
  31. Which foods contain carbohydrates? (More than 1 answer)
    1. Bread
    2. Vegetables
    3. Fruits
    4. Milk

(1-30 answer b. 31 answer a.b.c.d.)