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1. What is Diabetes ?
Diabetes is a chronic disease that interfere our nutrient from the food get into the all area of the body. Normal person, the food we eat can change to the form of Glucose. The Glucose can be use as a fuel now and the rest of glucose not using now should be stored liver, muscle etc for the later use under Insulin hormone action which come from pancreas.

Insulin secreted by pancreas is a role could open cell body to allow more glucose, but in Diabetes person this insulin hormone cannot be secrete adequate amount therefore a portion of nutrient gone overflow to the urine rather to use into the body.

Modern medical technique can not yet make back to the normal of this low insulin secretion, so there is no cure diabetes but can be control. Diabetes person should maintain blood glucose level normal sugar level with proper meal plan and regular exercise to prevent diabetic complication. Therefore diabetes person pay attention to learn how to eat his/her meal plan and all rule for diabetes control.
Blood Glucose Wave

2. Diabetes Meal Plan
In order to understand diabetes meal plan, Diabetes patient has to understand which group of food raise glucose faster and slower. The food divide 6 groups: Grain(Rice,bread,potato), protein(meat,fish,portury), Vegitable, milk, fruit and fat. Among of these food group, The grain and fruit group raise glucose fast , milk is moderate fast , protein group & vegetable group are not raise glucose fast. Therefore , it is better to make a dish with many different group of the food combination.1/3 of vegetable, 1/3 of meat, fish, portury ,tubu ,1/3 of mixed rice, bread, potato and 1 cup of milk and fruit are best combination, we called this dish is balance meal.
Meal Plan

3. Exercise
Daily exercises are vital activities for good control of diabetes. Walking, swimming, stretching of the body etc , regular exercise would be best result for diabetes control. If patient have over weight, prefer to have exercise bicycle riding, swimming rather have exercise using legs or joint like running. Exercise will take care controlling of weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar
woman doing an exercise

4. Blood Glucose Test:
The best time to test would be before meal at am and after meal at pm and it is good if the result before meal are around 120 and 1 ½ hours of after meal are around 170. Before meal show how your stress level of the day and after meal will tell you how you keep meal plan or how much your insulin release properly in your body. If your morning result is too high ,check if you sleep too late or have stress level high, if your night time result is too high, check your meal plan and your using medication dosage.

5. When patient use medication?
If the patient can maintain before meal (120),and after meal(170) with keep exercising and proper meal plan, then the patient may not need any diabetic medication. But if the patient cannot maintain normal level of glucose test, then need medication by Dr’s order. If the patient high before meal only ,maybe need medication for assistant medication Metformin which help to open cell door to allow more glucose to cell body. If the patient high after meal only, maybe need medication for insulin stimulator Glyburide which help to release insulin more from pancreas. The patient need discuss with Dr in order to take medication, don’t forget to bring test diary to show Dr. the new medication Januvia can be taken with above medication if you taken already. This new group of medication now giving any hope for paying attention to scientist if this medication will restore damaging pancreatic cell for insulin release.

6. Foot care:
massaging feetDiabetic complication are Retinopathy which is damage blood vessel of eye, Nephropathy which is damage kidney function and Neuropathy which is damage nerve cell on food and hands . Among of these complications, daily foot care is very important to prevent any damage of foot or hands. The patient need check foot daily base and apply lotion not to dry and check if any fungal infection or bacterial infection. Wear cotton sock and comfortable shoes. Check if any small infection is not healing soon. Stop smoking and heavy alcoholic beverage if the patient do. The patient can use health food to have better blood circulation.

7. Low sugar level symptom(hypoglycemia):
If blood sugar level go down too low, then the patient feel chilly, trembling and cold sweating symptoms. If the patient feel these symptom, then take candy, orange juice, sugar contain soda right away. Otherwise the patient can face 2nd attack of low sugar level symptom which is more seriously concern. Low glucose symptom comes when the patient cannot take meal proper time, heavy exercise or the patient take over dose of diabetic medication.